Custom Production

Creative Direction
Custom Production
January, 2022
Awwwards – Honorable Mention
Orpetron – Site Of The Day
Tilda – Nomination “Made on Tilda”
Project Team
Anton Artemov, Designer / Developer
about the project
Such a great collaboration with talented creatives from Georgia. They specializes in creating movie trailers (the ones, you’ve watched for 99%, because 1% is that you’re still keeping them on your list “someday, when I’ll be in a mood”) and are mainly oriented on engaging us, human-beings to finally watch that 1% on our lists (smart enough, huh? :)
Our part was based on creating a multi-page site, where the main impression and attention of users is focused on the client's portfolio.

As you can notice, the design is focused on minimalism, while the main page became an exhibition of works. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, because we love movies (honestly).
Mobile version
The mobile version is always a tricky part to take care of, but in our honest opinion, it's like a business card that demonstrates the importance of readability, clarity, and attractiveness even on small screens.

Check it out fully and watch some of their movie trailers at least, so you can pretend that you know why Grand Hotel Budapest is actually 'Graaaaand'.
Our result
The minimalistic design enables the studio's work to take center stage, while providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience for visitors. The website has received positive feedback from both the client and their audience, and has helped to elevate the studio's online presence and attract new business opportunities.