We only succeed with honest communication. This is THE key.

Design and code are half the battle.
The second half is communication and processes.
Our operating principles

Why is it so nice to work with us

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Even daily - it’s up to you. Ministry is the place of detailed briefing sessions, clear communication & team work. We set up an individual system for each client, to make the work go smoothly step by step like watching Netflix on Friday evening.
Better Support
Multitasking is our superpower, which means we know how to coordinate processes according to deadlines and deliver the project before the time comes
Local Insights
We’re your main support during the whole project period and responsible for being reliable partners in the most stressful situations. It demands a lot of dedication, which we are aware of, therefore you’ll be provided with every communication channel to contact us in just one click.
You’re fully informed about every step we take to move forward. To make it possible, we arrange the working environment, which includes several instruments to keep us on the same page.

It always starts from trust

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Mentions & Awards

We are about quality, not quantity - and that’s about the long-term relationship between our clients and us. Our dedication to each project is measured by professionals, so here we are:


Honorable Mention x6
Mobile Excellent x2
HM x5, ME x2


Special Kudos x2
UI x2
UX x2
Inovation x2
SC x2, UXUI x2, IN x2


Site of the day x6
OWDA x10
SOTD x6, OWDA x10

Made on Tilda

Nominations x14
Nomination x14

CSS Winner

Stars x2
Stars x2
our achievements

We have driven results for businesses in the past 4 years

Successfully finished projects
Beyond numbers, our track record of over 50 successful projects speaks to our commitment to turning clients' dreams into digital realities
Years of growth
These 4 years of growth embody our unwavering commitment to progress, creativity, and the art of making ideas flourish. It's a testament to our ever-evolving journey at Ministry
Design awards
Our collection of more than 20 design awards is not just a recognition of our creativity; it's a celebration of the passion and dedication we pour into every project
Good vibes only
it's the foundation of our creative spirit. Join us in crafting positive experiences and spreading the endless chill through every project we touch